[Namron] Gulf Wars Reminders!

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Fri Mar 6 17:59:07 PST 2020

Greetings Namron!
A few reminders for those venturing south to Gulf Wars…

If you haven’t already, join the Namron Gulf Wars Encampment 2020 Facebook
group. It has all of this information and is sometimes used for
announcements at war.

Trailer loading is tomorrow (Saturday March 7th) at 10 am. We will start at
Phred the shed at Annabelle and Aonghas’ house (628 Kansas St, Norman, OK)
and will continue to Phredrica at Andrew and Kyna’s house. Many hands make
light work!

Be sure to pay your camp fees to Tadhg or Meraud. These cover the showers,
propane, and other incidentals around camp. It is $10 for ages 18 and up,
$5 for ages 6-17, and free for ages 5 and under.

Today (Friday March 6th) is the last day to sign up for the meal plan. If
you are wanting to eat in camp, be sure to sign up and pay tonight. If you
are eating in camp, don’t forget to sign up to help cook and or clean up!

Orlando will be leading a Gulf Wars walkabout. This is a fun adventure,
whether it is your first Gulf Wars or you are a Gulf Wars veteran. Check
out the Facebook event he created for more info!

Tuesday of Gulf Wars is the procession and opening ceremonies. His
Excellency and I are sadly not arriving until Wednesday so Orlaith will be
heading up Namron’s part in the procession. Wear your black and gold (not
required) and join her in representing our barony! We are sending tabbards
people can wear and banners to carry. Be sure to get some pictures for us!
Good luck as you finish any projects you are working on and safe journeys
as you head south.

Uliana Haiduk (mka Julia Haiduk)
Baroness of Namron
Lady of Skorragardr
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