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As promised, this is what I covered during this evening's livestream.

Seneschal Recap 20200319

This is an unusual time for us, with event cancellations and restrictions
on social gatherings. I first want to thank Their Excellencies Namron and
Wiesenfeuer for all of the consultation and support as we made decisions
about local activities. These decisions have been difficult since the
beginning of the virus concern, and their support and wise counsel have
been invaluable.

Thank you to Lord Oddr for all of his work handling refunds for PayPal
registrations for Coronation. I'd like to also give a shout out to one of
our own, Baron Donnchadh, for his grace and expediency in the monumental
task of launching Gulf Wars Registration refunds. And thank you to everyone
who has been working behind the scenes to support the SCA during this most
interesting of times. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Event cancellations:

We've been working closely with Their Excellencies, Wiesenfeuer, and their
Seneschal in regards to cancellations since we have so many combined
activities. We will continue to coordinate with them, following both SCA
and CDC guidelines for gatherings. Our Baronies moved quickly to assure the
health and safety of our Populaces and will continue to take a proactive
approach as we move forward.

Social distancing isn't just for YOU, it's for others. Make the decisions
that are right for you and your families, but please keep others in mind as
you do so. It's not panic; it's courtesy- one of the virtues that we hold
dear in the SCA.

We have had quite a few announcements lately, and I want to reiterate the
current guidelines for clarity. Per the Kingdom Seneschal, ALL in-person
SCA activities are cancelled through March 30. No practices, no guilds, no
meetings, nothing. All Kingdom Calendar events through at least April 30
are cancelled. We will continue to follow appropriate guidelines for the
health and safety of our Populaces as we address local cancellations beyond
the Kingdom strictures.

Coronation has been postponed, and will be announced as soon as plans are
finalized, dependent upon local restrictions regarding Covid-19. Current
plans are to hold it in conjunction with Queen’s Champion on the weekend of
May 8th. That could change yet again, so remain flexible, and we will keep
you apprised as quickly as possible about any changes. The same goes for
Beltane, which is scheduled for May 1-3.

There are some great resources available for staying in touch with the SCA
during this Cancellation Season. Please make use of the numerous
opportunities on social media for learning, supporting our merchants,
virtual gatherings, and stress relief.

Firestorm Social Distancing Support Facebook group:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/566090800925191/ (Contact Their
Excellencies or myself if you don’t want to make a public request for

Quarantine Activity Resources Group:

Gulf Wars 29 Merchant Relief:

SCA Virtual Classroom and Artisan Display:

SCA: https://www.facebook.com/SocietyForCreativeAnachronism/ Soon to be
sharing Martial Training Videos from around the Known World

Thank you to everyone who has joined in the battle against Wiesenfeuer by
submitting personal pages or stories for the Ansteorra Wiki. The Battle
ends Friday night at 7, so don't forget to contribute if you haven't yet.
Baroness Zubeydah is super busy uploading all of the information she has
received, and reports that she is getting a TON of submissions! She will
announce the winner once she finishes tallying the entries.

We do still have a couple of officer positions open. The office of
Historian closes March 25, and Treasurer closes April 2.


Submit lists and details for regular classes and practices to
events at namron.ansteorra.org so we can have events created and ready to
share as soon as we resume business as usual. There were some planned
changes to rapier practice locations, so we will work those as they come.
Also, please remember that if your particular activity has a separate group
(usually marshalate groups), you must post all meetings and practices to an
official group. If you’re very active in the secondary group, contact me
about making it an official group. Branch Seneschals have the authority to
do that, and there are only a few steps required to do so. If it’s combined
with Wiesenfeuer, I’ll work with their Seneschal to get it done. Easy peasy.

Remember that your monthly reports will still be due.

Please submit news, articles, and officer missives for the April Plume.

Thank you to Koia for the Gulf Wasn't Fashion Show this week in the
Facebook group, and to Sabine for sharing a video for solo rapier practice.
I encourage all of our officers to utilize social media to keep interest in
your activities high. If you are not super social media savvy (or just
plain hate it), feel free to reach out to Koia, Baroness Uliana, or myself
for ideas and assistance.

We have been given guidance on how to hold virtual Official Meetings, so
we’re looking at options for April Populace. We’ll get that information
shared as soon as possible. We have a training session scheduled for the
April Business Meeting on Social Media Policy & Best Practices. This almost
certainly will be recorded in advance and shared for viewing.

In Service,
Frú Kolfinna Egilsdóttir
Seneschal, Barony of Namron
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