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*October Pop meeting 10-7-2021*

*Word Fame*:

Thanks Villana for being the new seneschal of Skorragardr

Thanks to Michelle for watching our home and taking care of our… gravesite
(And Micolay) – From Andrew

Word fame for Jason and Vallie Augmentation of arms, as well as the Namron
persons that received awards.

*A and S Show and Tell:*

Beaded kumi from Michelle

Prize basket prizes from Ayesha - copal necklaces

Panel pant panels - Beaded - Haldora

Ashilder - she made a tablet weaving thing out of a box!

hu - been working on some feather working things

*Seneschal: *


          The Covid Policy goes int o effect October 15th. What this
basically says is that to come to an event, over the age of 12, you must be
vaccinated or have a negative test (from within 3 days of the start of the
event) There are no exceptions, there are no exemptions. 3-11 year olds
must wear a mask indoors as well as outdoors, but 12 and over do not have
to wear masks outdoors. Proof of vaccine (only Pfizer, Moderna or J and J)
or negative test must be shown with a photo ID before you reach gate. If
you have any questions, please email them to seneschal at namron.ansteorra.org

*Treasurer: *

Stepping down - Office Open –

Stepping down in January at round table. Please turn in any applications.
She can stay if NEEDED but would prefer not to. We have just under $9500 in
the bank. Not a lot of expenses nor intake in the last 2 years.


Practice at 7pm, still inside and masked. $2 entrance fee. At Southern Oaks.

*Youth RM:*

No youth practices - TRM said all youth tournaments are on hold currently.
The current covid policy will not affect the youth practices, as all youth
activities are on hold. - (Kids CAN still do missile activities, as those
are adult activities that children participate in.)

Don Cornelius is stepping down as the Baroness Justice at Protectorate.
Come vie for the chance to support Namron. Eldern Hills and Skorragardr
will also have rapier championships this month.


Practices happening at the Central Park in more at 630 on Wednesdays. Still
getting 9+ people a week. Super excited to have tournaments coming up. Come
out to practice. All spectators are welcome


 No news

*A and S: *

We are looking for teachers for next month (Kirstin) and December. Will
start doing Monday night meeting/classes soon. We will start every week
starting Monday the 11th in the Lowery room at the central library. Must
wear masks and follow the covid policy.

*Heralds: *

If you have personal heraldry to register reach out.

*Web: *

We have a web site

*MoC: *

nothing - We have children

*Archery - TW :*

Open office

The Vindheim Seneschal wanted to let us know who the officers are, and what
offices are still open:

Seneschal: Rebekkah Allen (of Namron)

Herald: Annais (of Wiesenfeuer)

Hosp: Sorsha (of Eldern Hills)

MoC: Dryfinna (of Namron)

A and S: Dommie (of Wiesenfeuer)

Chronichler: Open


Earl Marshal:Open

(off record) Some people may have been upset that the skorragardr seneschal
was not an open office. We apologize. If Skorragardr lost their seneschal,
they would cease to exist and we had to act fast.

*B and B Stuff*

o   T-Shirt Orders – ready for pick up. Contact Their Excellencies to
arrange porch pick up and payment if you haven’t already paid.

o   Protectorate

§  HUGE thank you to everyone that is helping make this event happen-
especially Sigridr and Kyna!

§  Sigridr will have more information later.

§  If you are contributing items for the champion baskets, please arrange a
drop off/pick up with Uliana. Protectorate will now have Arts and Sciences,
Chiv and Rapier champions, but I would like to go ahead and get the
remaining champion baskets for Beltane finished up as well.

§  Will need help with gate (talk to Annabelle), set up and tear down,
maybe Covid checks?

o   Axeman

§  Will need help with:

·        Gate (talk to Dalla)

·        Set up and tear down,

·        Maybe Covid checks?

·        Site Herald

·        Lyst coordinators Chiv and Rapier

·        Site Maintenance

o   Wiesenfeuer Yule

§  The Workshop – toy makers need for Father Winter, contact Uliana,
distribution still being worked out

§  Baronesses’ Toy Tourney – chiv and rapier, Watch for Info

o   Open Offices – applications due 30 days after first is received, unless
noted otherwise

§  Archery

§  Thrown Weapons

o   Upcoming Meetings

§  November will be in the Oklahoma Room at Norman Central Library and will
follow new Covid guidelines

o   Upcoming Events



§  October 29-31: ELDERN HILLS – SAMHAIN



Ardmore Convention Center 830am-7pm or so

          We will be having classes: Kat is running those

Load up may be oct 17th- look for more info

HRM Floki will be there

Some of the Set up crew: If you want to help please let us know:

Emma - decorations

Donnchadh -royal liaison

Koa - list mistresss

Ivo - herald on field

Annabel - gate

Other official business?

Non Official business: You look great (Yelled at herald)

Thanks to those who brought free stuff - “thanks for taking my stuff”

Court Dancing - Bi monthly on Mondays maybe? Looking to get things
organized and started - may be at library as well as a and s Don Cornelous

(Child Being Caught)


In Service,
Baroness Kyna Terricsdottir
Seneschal, Barony of Namron
Modernly Known As: Kylie Steeley
Pronouns: She/Her
Phone: 405-6261037
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