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Seneschal of Namron seneschal at namron.ansteorra.org
Tue Apr 12 12:31:41 PDT 2022

Greetings! Our A and S minister is having to step down, so you know what
that means... OPEN OFFICE! Please turn in your application, a copy of your
photo Id and a copy of your blue card if you are interested! Thanks all!
Seneschal at namron.ansteorra.org
baron at namron.ansteorra.org
baroness at namron.ansteorra.org
moas at namron.ansteorra.org
northern at moas.ansteorra.org
kingdom at moas.ansteorra.org

In Service,
Baroness Kyna Terricsdottir
Seneschal, Barony of Namron
Modernly Known As: Kylie Steeley
Pronouns: She/Her
Phone: 405-6261037
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