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Thu Jun 16 08:18:06 PDT 2022

Greetings good gentles of Namron.
His Excellency and I are looking forward to this weekend’s event and
tournaments and are excited to see who will be next to sit in the
Principality thrones. Good luck to all of those entering the tournaments!
The Calm pavilion will be set up at the event and all are welcome to sit
under it. Between the event, tournaments, vigils and elevations
(congratulations to Namron’s pelican-elect Baroness Caterina 😊), and other
activities of the day we know many people will be busy, but feel free to
stop by and say hi or hydrate. There will be water coolers around the event
so be sure to bring your mug. We will also have cool bottled water and
drink mix packets under the Calm as well as some cool mint water to soak
neck towels. We will have some small towels available for people, but feel
free to bring your own and refresh it!
Also, the majority of the event set up is happening Friday evening – if you
are able to come out and help, there is a separate post on times and
-Baronowa Uliana

Baronowa Uliana Haiduk
Baroness of Namron, Lady of Skorragardr
Modernly known as: Julia Haiduk
Pronouns: She/Her
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