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Wed Apr 1 21:31:12 PST 1998

>>  Could you provide a little more information on what the 
>> duties & responsibilities would be for each office?
>>      Estrill

Well, I can only speak for my own.... :-)  Maybe my lord husband 
could be persuaded to elaborate on those for the office he is 
leaving...  Here's part of a post I sent to someone else with the 
same inquiry.

 The Northern Regional Chronicler's position is, in my opinion, one
 of the most fun regional offices.  The duties include:
 1) Receiving and reading newsletters from every Northern Region
 Group.  This involves checking all material to be sure it is
 appropriate to an SCA branch newsletter - you get a list of stuff to
 look for when you take office 

2) Checking newsletters for all required copyright and disclaimer  
statements and making sure no material violates mundane copyright 

3) Receiving officer resignations, taking applications and appointing 
new local chroniclers. 

4) Reporting to the Kingdom Chronicler on a quarterly basis (prior 
to each Crown Tourney and Coronation) on the status of each group's 
reports.  This also involves keeping the kingdom officer informed 
when officers change, so that their warrant roster can always be 

5) Teaching local Chronicler's classes as needed or at the request of 
the Kingdom Chronicler.

 These are the basic duties of Regional Chronicler and pretty much
 have to be done on a reliable schedule because the status of the
 groups and the sanity of the kingdom chronicler depend on it.  There
 should also be a #6)  because there are always "other duties as
 needed" that can't possibly be forseen.
 As far as I know, there are no set in stone requirements.  The
 Kingdom Chronicler will look for someone who has been a local
 officer.  She would probably prefer someone who has been a
 chronicler before, but I've seen regional offices go to people who
 have never served a local group in that capacity.  If you are
 interested, I'm sure Lady Margaret would appreciate your
 application.  Try to get it to her as soon as possible, as she would
 like to find my replacement ASAP.

Thanks for asking!

-  HRH  Kat
Lori Campbell
lcampbel at

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