NR - Principality (there I said it)

Decker, Terry D. TerryD at Health.State.OK.US
Tue Apr 14 07:48:50 PDT 1998

> Let me!!!
> (Btw, when I'm out of line, someone smack me.)
> You have to meet the following:
> 2. Principalities. A principality is a part of a kingdom which has the
>    right to select a reigning Prince and Princess by combat. A branch
>    <deleted>
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> Richard "Pug" Bainter                 |          GlobeSet, Inc.
Besides meeting the requirements, a new principality should have a method of
raising funds stated in writing, a bank account to handle those funds, and a
principality newsletter, which normally requires collecting and accounting
for subscriptions.

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