NR - Principality (there I said it)

Rick Drake rdrake at
Tue Apr 14 07:57:18 PDT 1998

    Since there has been so MUCH heated and polite discussion on the Kingdom Mailing List, I thought I would bring the topic over here to have the other Northerners (you know who you are !) discuss it :-)
    I am interested just 
    a)    How we (the north) could become a principality
    b)    Why would we?
    Well I can't answer the part on the how.  But as to the why,   MY *note the emphesis* opinion I think that forming a Principality is just part of the natural growth and extension of the kingdom.  I feel that we should push a little harder to form a P.  I feel that we have the needed structure and Identity here in the North to accomplish this and move toward the eventuality of becoming a kingdom.  Maybe I am completly off my rocker but like stated before it is just my opinion.  
    I feel that being a P. will allow more of the talent that we have here in the North to shine and recieve its proper recognition.  
    Oh well I will try to be more to the point later but for now have to actually do some work.
    Ainar Magnusson
    Minstral of Mooneschadowe
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