NR - Principality (there I said it)

Karen Evans tyrca at
Tue Apr 14 12:01:44 PDT 1998

Gio feels that:
Also, while I think taking the leap to Principality is a good thing, I
think there is any need to rush into it.  The North has been growing at
a steady
clip for a while now, let's take the time to think about this fully and
into the new shape, instead of trying to prune ourselves into the new
shape.  I
say, that even if there is a general consensus at the first meeting
about going
Principality (HA!), lets set up a long adjustment timetable for things
happen.  Say, a two year plan or so.  Let everyone get used to it, and
argue to
their hearts content. 

Gio, dear,
     The only problem I have with delay is that if you wait too long,
people get tired of waiting, and go on to other things.  Then we will
have to go through the introductions all over again.  People tend to
think in terms of season, not in 2 year blocks.
     I guess that this is related to my belief that long engagements
are not good either.  The agreement to commitment only degrades over
long periods of time.  If we are going to do this, lets get it on the
table, and see what we have to do.  What sort of work needs to be
done?  It might take some time, but to tack on 2 years before we get
to that point isn't what I would like see.


Lady Tyrca Ivarsdottir
-"Honesty is Everything"

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