NR - Principality (there I said it)

E.Preston III & Shelly K. Walker wf3 at
Tue Apr 14 20:52:23 PDT 1998

Margrave Owen wrote:
> In answering Timo's question
> I am a definite 2 to say that the possibility of the region never leaving
> Ansteorra would be a delusion.

That's right. I keep hearing folks from every region speak as if a 
principality isn't the first step to breaking off into a new kingdom. 
I like Ansteorra, and I'm not saying anyone here is against our fine 
kingdom.Are we deluding ourselves here, or are we all just a little 
bit shy of what a principality really means? 
Somebody tell me, how many principalities never go on to be kingdoms; 
and what the average time period for principalities to wait before 
they become kingdoms. 
HL Estril is often caught with a long memory, or is it just that she 
knows how to research? :)

Britta the Red
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