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Thu Apr 16 07:57:54 PDT 1998

     O yea! O yea!

     Come all fighters to Mooneschadoweshire's *Melee* Fighter Practice 
this coming Sunday, April 19, at Boomer Lake park, West side. It will 
start at 2:00 pm and continue until dark or when everyone runs out of 
energy. The more, the merrier! Shield walls! Pole arms! (you get the 

     This is a public park, nothing over 3.2! There are grills available 
if anyone wants to come a little earlier and have a picnic lunch. 

     Directions: Make your best route to Stillwater, OK. 

     For those coming either from West or East 51: Take 51 (6th St) to   
          MAIN street. Turn NORTH. Take MAIN north for quite a ways, the 
          street changes names to BOOMER. Eventually, you'll see a lake  
          (or overgrown pond) on the east/right side of the road. There  
          will be a double road entrance with a sign saying BOOMER LAKE. 
          Turn right. 

     From the North (either 177 or Cimarron Turnpike): Follow Hwy 177    
          south into town. Stay on this road when the highway jogs away. 
          You'll see a lake on your left. There will be a double road    
          entrance with a sign saying BOOMER LAKE. Turn left. 

     And those who simply insist on coming in from the South HWY 177.    
          Just stay on the highway. Stay on the highway. Continue        
          through town until you reach LAKEVIEW. Turn LEFT. Beware the   
          railroad tracks! Cross the lake. Turn RIGHT onto BOOMER, and   
          continue until you see the entrance to the lake.

     Everyone: Continue around the road slowly (speed bumps!) until you  
          see the normal looking people with swords, shields, etc. that  
          are hanging out at one of the permanent shelters. Ignore the   
          strangely dressed people throwing bits of brightly colored     
          flat plates around. Ignore the animals walking their humans.

     Posted on behalf of the Mooneschadoweshire Knight Marshall, Lord    
     HL Estrill
     (don't blame him for the instructions on how to get there, those    
     are mine)

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