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Fri Apr 17 11:07:46 PDT 1998

Northern Laurels (I think):

Finn Kelly O'Donnell
Roselynde d' Angleterra
Tarl Godric the Brokentoe
Anastacia Maire Tavarra
Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere
Alix Tiberga
Daniel Black Ax
Michael fenwick of fotheringhay
Orm Skjoldbidig
Roane Fairggae of Lochlann
Alanna of Caer du Pard
Catherine Blackrose
Michael of Moria
Mara MacNaughton

Northern Pelicans:

Frederick von Sternwald
Megan Adoniel of Glengalen
Claryce Orfevre

Nothern Knights and Masters (I think):

Finn Kelly O'Donnell
Cyf O'Donnell
Frederick von Sternwald
Hildebrand von Tiel
Alrek Kanin
Barn silveraxe
Burke Kyriell MacDonald
Jonathon MacNaughton
Michael of Moria
Mikael of Monmouthshire

I believe both Gerard MacEanruig and Olaf Kharkov are out of the region at
present and that there may be a knight or two I haven't met to remember the

Pepin de Moronis would be on the Laurel and Pelican lists, but he is now in
the Central Region.

Other names, corrections or clarifications, anyone?  I'm sure I got two or
three of these wrong at the least.


> Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald says:
> >Chivalry - 13
> >Pelican - 4
> >Laurel - 15 (I think)
> <of peers in the northern region>
> So, who (other than Sir Burke :)) can name them all?
> Estrill
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