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Fri Apr 17 11:21:36 PDT 1998

Estril said:

> >Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald says:
> >
> >>Chivalry - 13
> >>Pelican - 4
> >>Laurel - 15 (I think)
> >
> ><of peers in the northern region>
> >
> >So, who (other than Sir Burke :)) can name them all?
Chivalry: 14
Alrek Kanin
Barn Silveraxe
Burke Kyriell MacDonald
Conrad of Castleton
Daffyd Whittaker
Daniel Blackaxe
Elzasif O'Donnell
Finn Kelly O'Donnell
Frederick von Sternwald
Hildebrand von Tiel
Mikael of Monmouthshire
Olaf of Kharkov
Seamus of the Cats
William Miesko
Pelican: 4
Claryce Orfevre
Frederick von Sternwald
Megan Andoniel of Glengalen
Catriona Heather MacLochlainn
Laurel: 14
Alix Tiberga of Aachen
Anastacia Marie Travarra
Catherine Blackrose
Catrin ferch Gwilym o Gonway
Daniel Blackaxe
Dunstana Talana the Violet
Finn Kelly O'Donnell
Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere
Lucais du Belier
Michael Fenwick of Fotheringhay
Orm Skjoldbidig
Roane Fairggae of Lochlann
Roselynde d'Angleterre
Tarl Godric the Brokentoe
And I thought Maggie had her Laurel too, which would make it 15.

P.S. Sorry if I left anyone off.

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