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Fri Apr 17 14:31:04 PDT 1998

     So if we combine the lists Bear and Ulf provided, and taking into 
account the deletions of people who've moved, we're left with:

     Chivalry: 14
          Alrek Kanin
          Barn Silveraxe
          Burke Kyriell MacDonald
          Conrad of Castleton
          Daffyd Whittaker
          Daniel Blackaxe
          Elzasif O'Donnell
          Finn Kelly O'Donnell
          Frederick von Sternwald
          Hildebrand von Tiel
          Michael of Moria ?
          Mikael of Monmouthshire
          Seamus of the Cats
          William Miesko

     Pelican: 4
          Catriona Heather MacLochlainn
          Claryce Orfevre
          Frederick von Sternwald
          Megan Andoniel of Glengalen

     Laurel: 16
          Alanna of Caer du Pard
          Alix Tiberga of Aachen
          Anastacia Marie Travarra
          Catherine Blackrose
          Catrin ferch Gwilym o Gonway
          Daniel Blackaxe
          Dunstana Talana the Violet
          Finn Kelly O'Donnell
          Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere
          Lucais du Belier
          Michael Fenwick of Fotheringhay
          Michael of Moria - ?
          Orm Skjoldbidig
          Roane Fairggae of Lochlann
          Roselynde d'Angleterre
          Tarl Godric the Brokentoe

     The only name I'm unsure of is Michael of Moria. 

     For a total of 34 peerage awards, but there are 4 double peers on 
the list. No triple peers yet in the north. So that would be a total of 
30 actual Peers. 

     That's a ratio of chiv/pel/laurel: 3.5/1/4

     Does this ratio hold for the rest of the kingdom? 

     And, to tie it back into the principality thread, *is* this 
"sufficient members of the orders conferring Patents of Arms to foster the 
development of those orders and the skills they represent within the 
principality" ?


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