NR - Part 2 - Peers and More

Darin Herndon (remote) darin_herndon at
Fri Apr 17 21:59:49 PDT 1998

On a slightly different vein than my previous question on peers, do we
have enough of the supporters we need?  I am not referring to heraldic
arms but rather to specialists and craftsmen.

Do we have enough people skilled in the making of regalia to start
our Principality off?  (I know that this will grow over time but do
we have enough skill sets to get us through the first years?)

Do we have enough Chiurgens to adequately support our activities or
do we need to encourage people to learn these skills?

Do we have enough heralds?  Before some of you say "Yes" realize that
there are different kinds of heralds.  Are there enough Court Heralds?
 We have some of the best but do we have enough to give the really
good ones a break occasionally.  Are there enough heralds who know
arms and naming practices to help the populace and the principality
with quality submissions?  Right now Northkeep is the only "group" in
the north conducting heraldic commentary (with help from Lady
Maridonna in Wiesenfeuer).

The north is in my mind a stronghold of good fighters, wonderful
artisans, and a service minded populace.  We fight together.  We
sing/dance/party together.  We work together.  If the answer to any
of the above questions was "No", then I would still believe that we
should pursue being a principality.  But we should pursue that goal
knowing if there are areas we need to strengthen.  I'm looking
forward to the discussion at Northern Warlord (I'm also looking
forward to fighting at Northern Warlord).

Etienne de St. Amaranth
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