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--Event Announcement from the Northern Regional Warlord--
  (please disseminate)

Northern Regional Warlord 2 will be held July 4th weekend at Camp Redlands
on Highway 51 just west of Stillwater.  The site has lake access and we are
in the process of negotiating for cabin space.  Cabins, if available, will
be rented separately.  They are large and more information will be made
available as we know more.  The site is also dry.  OSU has an extremely
strict and convoluted alcohol policy, so let's keep it simple - no alcohol.

There will be competitions to choose the Regional Warlord, Rapier Champion,
Archer & Bard.  The A&S Champion will be chosen at Wiesenfeuer Baronial in
September to allow more fighters the opportunity to enter both competitions.

I will be overseeing the tournament to choose my successor as the Northern
Regional Warlord.  As such, I would like to outline a few points for anyone
who would like to enter.  If anything changes, I will post them as soon as
they are available.

1.  Any fighter from any region or kingdom may fight *at* the tournament.
We need plenty of fighters, so bring your toys and come help choose the next
Warlord.  Fun will be had by all.

2.  Any fighter who wishes to compete for the title must have an Ansteorran
Authorization, live in the Northern Region on July 4th, be planning on
attending Gulf Wars VIII (if you know you can't, don't - but if you think
you can, do), and be willing to travel within the Region.

3.  The first Scenario will be an accelerated Snowball Melee beginning at
10:00 on Saturday.  Note that I usually start pretty close to on time unless
the Royalty have other plans <BG>.  In order to compete, you must have a
team of at least three fighters (including yourself).  More is allowed, and
obviously anyone who can recruit a lot of fighters has a better chance of
making the next Scenario.  Recruiting begins the moment you read this and
ends at 9:30 on Saturday at the Event.  You must prove to me and the Region
that you can at least motivate at a minimum two other fighters to fight for
you, then beat other teams.  The final four team leaders will advance to the
next Scenario.  After this Scenario all fighters will be divided up into two
teams for the remaining Scenarios.

4.  The second Scenario will test your ability to give commands to a unit on
the battlefield.  Brush up on your commands and encourage all fighters to do
the same.  Who knows, they may be part of the unit you are commanding in
this Scenario.  A good source of commands can be found at and download Duke Kein's
essay.  More information on this Scenario will be revealed at the event.

5.  The third Scenario will be an Open Field Battle.

6.  The fourth Scenario will hopefully be a Bridge Battle/Breach Battle.

7.  The fifth Scenario will be another Open Field Battle, but with a twist
to be revealed on site.

There should be a break during the afternoon heat for time in the lake,
court, feast, etc.  It will probably be before or after the 5th Scenario.
The fighting will pick up again in the early evening for the final

At the end of the day's fighting the two leaders with the best record in
Scenarios 2 - 5 will be chosen as the finalists.  NOTE:  Finals will be
fought Sunday Morning!!!!

Any fighters who are day-tripping, please come back to the site Sunday
Morning!  Each commander will choose, one at a time, his force from those
who are on site, armored & inspected at 10:00 a.m. Sunday.  Commanders -
this is deliberate!  You must be able to motivate fighters to be there for
the finals.  If you can't, think how tough it will be to motivate them to
get up Saturday morning at Gulf Wars to besiege the fort!

Final battles will be best two of three and be announced to the two
commanders Saturday evening.  Victor will be the Second Northern Regional
Warlord of Ansteorra, and only the second fighter in the kingdom to win a
Regional Warlord by their own hands, er.. I mean brains <BG>.

Come out and be a part of this Historic Event.  Years from now you can look
back on this and say, "Yeah, I was there, back when they held the Second
Regional Warlord, Gosh must've been twenty years ago.  Duke (Duchess)
____________ won that one, and I fought there right beside him (her).  That
was before he (she) won crown the first time.  Yeah, that Duke (Duchess)
_______"  Gee, don't I have a weird sense of humor?

Anyway, hope to see everyone there.

Centurion Talen von Marienburg
Kriegsherr von Nordsteorra

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