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Sun Aug 2 08:46:10 PDT 1998

This is a shamless plug for this event.

Unto all men and women of Scotland! TO ARMS! TO ARMS! I Robert the Bruce
do implore you to help me take back our homes from the ruthless King of
England Edward I and return Scotland to the Scots as is our birthright
and destiny under god. JOin me with your armor, your artistic skills ,
and your very presence at Battle of Three Kings November 13-15th in the
Shire of Rosenfeld. We will drive out the english like rats! We will
use  our hearts, our courage, our muscle to rid the english lords from
our lands. Come Join me and free Scotland.

this is a shamless plug for Battle of three Kings Nov 13-15th in the
shire of rosenfeld. We will be recreating the Scottish Wars of
Independence. Our Commanders are as Follows:
Robert the Bruce 		(HRM Sir Barn Silveraxe)
William Wallace			(Duke Michael of Monmouthshire)
Edward I (Hammer of the Scots) 	(Sir Karl der Gangr)
Edward II			( Sir Reitter Deitrich)
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