NR - Post Demo (Gnoman Vale)

Laron The Dark laron at
Mon Aug 3 03:45:55 PDT 1998

Many thanks to all those of NorthKeep, and Moonschadowe that showed up to help
Gnoman Vale with our public demo.  We all really had a great time, even if it
was bloody HOT outside, and no one died from heat exhaustion. . . which is even
BETTER!!  I hope to see you all at Margrave as well (first weekend in October).
Again, we Thank you.

Laron the Dark
Acting Herald
Gnoman Vale

If you sleep to dream, then may all the gods protect you from the black
horses that fly through everyone's sleep. . . the mare's of night, the
saints of the dark. . . pray that you get left behind. . . .

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