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Codi Chezum odin at
Wed Aug 5 06:55:03 PDT 1998


For those who do not know me I am Thorvald Egilsson, drottin and I am your
Northern Regional Warlord. Please pass the information contained here on to
those who do not receive e-mail or this list.

First, Wasteland's Defender tourny will be a done by torch light. I have
spoken to then and secured permission to have a war practice starting early
saturday morning. It is my goal to start between 9:30a and  10:00a. Anyone
who has a video camera please bring it.

Second, there has been some talk of have a "uniform" for the N.R. This would
be a simple tabard with the kingdom insignia on the back panel, the units
insignia on the front panel, and shoulder panels with the N.R. Griffin on a
red back ground.

Third, I would like to see each unit create and carry a battle standard.
This will add more color to the battle field and give the unit a more
visible rally point.

Forth, I would like to have each Barony or Shire to bring a ballista to Gulf
War. Prefferably a "rock" thrower. Start gathering tennis balls.

Fith, ARCHERS, ARCHERS, ARCHERS. Since  "white diamond" archers are being
allowed at Gulf War, let us see how many we can field.

That is all for now, see you on the field.

                                                            May the wind
fill your sail,


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