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Fri Aug 7 16:43:51 PDT 1998

        I thought that everyone in the north might be interested in this 
information, so sorry about the duplicates all you Mooneschadeen.


     Oyez, oyez. Pray heed to this information that Lord Ragnar, that 
     expert dog-robber, discovered. 
     There will be an auction this next weekend, August 15 & 16, at Circle 
     C Arena, East Highway 60, 1 mile east of Arkansas River Bridge, Ponca 
     City, OK
     Inventory will be sold on Saturday. Machines, tools, supplies, 
     hardware and leather will sell on Sunday. Owner are Oklahoma Ranch 
     Here's an *extremely* partial list of what appeared in the ad (which 
     can be found in the Aug. 5 Shop&Swap) that looks appealing to SCA 
     Large assortment leather craft supplies, kits, tools, lace, dye, etc.
     Saddle Shop Supplies-Raw Materials: 
                Silver; buckles, rings, snaps, dees; bulk rope & hanks; 
     Hundred of pounds of leather & hardware; Nylon web 1/2"-4"; Fleece & 
     felt; Rivets; Thread; Bobbins; Dye; Shoe & boot heels; Cut soles & 
     half soles & sole material; Nails & tack; Shoe laces
     Hand tools (some antique): staplers, shoe nailers, knives, hammers, 
     scissors, scrapers, punches, awls, plier punches, drive punches, 
     edgers, draw gauges, wrenches, nylon burners, etc.
     Many stitchers & sewing machines for sewing leather into saddles.
     Machinery: Emboss presses. Engraver w/tri-adjust & deep throat vise.
                5-Strippers (strap cutters) some with adjustable widths 
                hand crank pinker
     Riveters: Traveler shoe press w/assortment of feet
               4-Jack stand lasts w/lasts; 2 Bench mount last stands        
               2-Universal bench mount eyeletter & hook setters 
               assortment of shoe stretchers
     Clicker Die Making Equipment (acetylene torch; 8" bench grinder; 5 
     speed drill press; belt sander
     Inventory of Oklahoma Ranch Supply: saddles, boots (sizes 0-13), hats, 
     belts (20"-60"), belt buckles, earrings, navajo blankets & rugs; 
     Horse Equipment: bridles, reins, pads, blankets, etc.
     Rodeo Equipment: lots of stuff
     2 Life size fiberglass horses
     and 1 ElToro bucking machine

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