NR - How about that persona?

Don Thorpe sabredon at
Sat Aug 8 19:13:19 PDT 1998

Here's a question for the net.....

We of the rapier set spend a lot of time on our personas, and pride 
ourselves on the research that we do.

At an event today, I watched the heavies competing on the field, and it 
suddenly struck me, there were personas from Roman through every 
possible time period in history, including scots and other celts in 
kilts, all busily bashing ewach others brains out with relatively the 
same weapons.

I did not see anyone from the nobles down through the event-crats 
raising a ruckas about mixed time-periods.

Why then is it so darned important that we rapierists must be restricted 
to a very narrow time period. If, in an event, someone chooses to fight 
heavy AND rapier, generally a portion of their 12, 13 or 14th century 
armor is left on. No one seems to care. However, if I appear in a 14th 
century outfit (with sufficient protection of course) I am sure that 
someone who fancies themselves the period police would strenuously 

Whaddaya think, readers?


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