NR - Eldern's Newcomer's Symposium & Revel

Talen von Marienburg talen at
Wed Aug 12 06:35:36 PDT 1998

I noticed that no one has mentioned this yet, so here it is.  If it was
posted and I missed it, I apologize for the double posting.

Eldern Hills is having a Newcomer's Symposium and Revel this weekend.
Classes will be held throughout the day on Saturday.  There will also be a
fighter practice on Sunday.

Site opens at 8:00 Friday and closes after the practice on Sunday.  There
will also be a Pot Luck Feast Saturday.  Please bring enough for your group
and 5-6 others.  Bring your own drinks, and no pets.  Fighting is for both
chivalric and rapier.

For more info contact HE Catrin at catrin at

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Northern Regional Knight Marshal
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