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       The Northern Regional Mailing List:

    This list is appropriate for all messages concerning the SCA as
pertains to the Northern Region of the Kingdom of Ansteorra (the state
of Oklahoma and a small part of Texas).  The discussions are especially
encouraged to include event announcements; local, regional, (and
kingdom) meetings and discussions; craft and guild discussions, as well
as all other aspects of the SCA.

    The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) is a non-profit,
educational organization of individuals that study the Middle Ages and
Renaissance, and recreate those parts they find most interesting.

     Hopefully, this list will encourage communication and strengthen
the ties between all the northern groups; for example, by providing
information on local demos (Incip. shire X will be doing a demo - we
need all fighters possible please show - this weekend!); broadcasting
requests for help that need specialized instructors (Barony X would like

to have dance instruction at next A&S meeting); speedy requests/delivery

of information between groups (shire Y has a neat idea for a regional
event, looking for interest from other groups), etc.

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