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Wed Feb 25 20:53:29 PST 1998

I agree, a great idea.

	I am Lady Kelandra Carmichael of the Barony of Northkeep.  I have been involved with the SCA since, oh geez, 1991.  At my second event I met Laird Ian dun Gillan and fell hopelessly in love...(sigh).  Needless to say I was hooked...on the group...and him.  After a year in Ansteorra, we moved farther north to be closer to his family.  I spent 3 years in the middle of no where in Calontir...the closest group was 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours away.  So we tried to start another group...anyway...  We moved back to Northkeep about 3 years ago...and became actively involved.  
	I am still trying to 'discover' my talents...I have many interests including:  rapier combat, knitting, brewing(so far just tasting), dancing (so far just watching), calligraphy, illumination and plays (writing/directing medieval type plays)...and many others things that I haven't tried yet.  
	I received my AoA and my Sable Comet on the now dubbed "Night of the Comet" (Northkeep Baronial Elevation and Investiture).  I received them in opposite order...first the Comet...then later the same night my AoA.  I am a member of the Bondi of the Baronial Guard of Northkeep and a member of the crew of the Raptor ship (light weapons household).  

Mundanely, I am an almost-ready-to-graduate student...this is my last semester.  (whoohoo!)  I am going to teach English.  Laird Ian and I are married...with no children...well two really Mamakitty and Joe...our two cats.  I think that's enough (okay, okay, too much) 
And I'm known to ramble on if the given the chance... :)

That's me...that's enough... 


"If thou regretst thy youth, Why live?"  Lord Byron
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