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Thu Feb 26 10:43:13 PST 1998

Since I started this thread, I'd like to say that I actually prefer awards
done in pre-posted courts.  I missed Lord Guillame's Thistle at NRT since it
was handed out at an impromptu court during the dancing.  Though I know this
wasn't planned, it is an example of what happens with unannounced courts.

Since the majority of us seem to favor doing business at the main court and
let's put up with the length, what is the feeling about what belongs in
court and what doesn't?

I think all awards and announcements of general interest.  I don't think
squire/apprenticing at the main court, but perhaps at a morning court?  I
think presentations from other kingdoms (or other baronies in a baronial
court), but not from shires, individuals, etc.  And no household business!
If a household wishes to give a gift or a presentation, take it private.  I
think households are the glue of the society, but they have no official
function within the SCA and shouldn't take time from the business of the
court.  Keep them in the background, where they do their best work anyway.

As these are my opinions, I reserve the right to change them when ever I
feel like it.  I'd like to hear other thoughts on these matters.

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