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Thu Feb 26 09:07:19 PST 1998

Scott Powers wrote:
> Actually, I think the problem is not that court is ever too long.  The
> problem is restlessness.  If the events going on in court are of interest
> to everyone, then everyone will stay interested and attentive, even for a
> five hour court.  But if there are a number of private jokes, personal
> presentations, apprenticships or whatever, which are of interest to only a
> few people, then it is difficult for people to stay interested in what is
> going on.  And once the attention slips, then it starts to get noisy.  Then
> nobody can hear, and attention drops even more.  Then you have people
> yelling "ATTEND" every couple of minutes.  That's my personal favorite
> thing in the world.  :-}

Actually, the problem isn't that court is too long, but that it ends too
late. There are activities, official & unofficial that go on after
court. Dancing, bardic circles, tall-tales and romance are still to be

I sat completely through court, was rarely bored, and felt priveleged to
witness the pageantry and awards presented. To witness Baron Pepin
stepping down was to witness the end of an era. To watch Baron
Aethelstan and Baroness Claryce proceed in, bearing hawk and owl, was a
once in a lifetime event. It was truly wonderful to see all 4 baronies
lined up beside the King & Queen.

Only Wiesenfeuer's Baronial Court ran a little long, but sometimes the
number of gentles who have gone too long without recognition stacks up,
and must be taken care of.

HL Estril said that all events during the day need to be kept on
schedule if court isn't to run late. This doesn't have to be true. The
autocrat can schedule buffer zones that allow some things to run late,
without causing feast & court to start late. However, if feast is late,
then court will be late, and that leaves less time for dancing. I knew
dancing would be very late when feast was served an hour and a half
late. I wasn't upset or anything, because I know there are often
complications when preparing any good feast.

We had our masked ball after court, after all, and attendance was good.
We danced over a dozen dances and had live musicians, so all worked out
for the best.

I, personally, loved the impromptu court where I received my dance
thistle. All the avid dancers were able to witness it. And I was almost
dumbstruck by the honor of having a court opened *just for me*. I
wouldn't have wanted the long court made longer for my award. I'm sorry
for those that missed it.

Lord Guillaume, Mooneschadowe
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