NR - Greetings-introduction

E.Preston III & Shelly K. Walker wf3 at
Fri Feb 27 20:19:57 PST 1998

Thought I'd chime in on the introduction thing. I'm thrilled that this
list exists. I often feel like I'm missing out on private jokes on the
ansteorran list.
	I am Lady Britta the Red, current seneschal in the College of Gnomon
Vale. (alert, look for a group name change in the future) I've been
playing just over 6 years. Most of my current time is spent being
seneschal, but when I get to have my own pursuits, I'm interested in
middle eastern drumming, and target archery. 
	So who else is out there?
Britta the Red

    Knowledge is POWER

                                   Are your batteries charged?

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