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Mon Mar 2 00:08:35 PST 1998

In reply to Estrill,
	As a member of a Baronial Order I am afraid I must passionately
disagree with leaving the members of the order out of the ceremony. Most
people here in Namron view the members of "The Order of the Heart of the
Sable Storm" as a baronial equivalent to a peerage, you have to work
your everlovin fingers past the bone to get one. Would mine have meant
as much without my fellow storms present??? I don't think so. How would
you feel if you were the one told "you can't come up to honor the
incoming candidate, it's a) not your turn  b) you didn't kiss the right
foot c)Baron/ess So&So doesn't want you there, etc." Would you willingly
deprive a dear and valued friend of their time in the sun, remember here
in Namron a Storm is darned hard to come by?	
	On the other hand I DO think that members of an Order should be ready
to promptly respond to a call to court. As for the inability for the
audience to see I know of no easy solution, some of us kneel but others
are unable to do so. It is ever a problem when any group is called.
Maybe someone out there can help us solve this one.
	I also agree with your view of help yourself feasts, YUCK, YUCK, YUCK,
YUCK. Besides being absolutely UNPERIOD the people at the end of the
line often go hungry due to the thoughtless oversampling of those in the
front. I attended Moonshadowe's Valentine's Feast and was well pleased
with the format and would like to see such done at our events. But if
one more person screams at me to shut up they may wind up eating my very
period for my persona fork!!! If the bard, dancer, etc is not good
enough to hold the attention of the crowd then the height of rudeness is
to scream and demand attention. I do realize that some halls have
horrible accoustics (regrettabley Camp Cimarron's main hall) but the
entertainer should be versital(sp?) enough to come up with solutions.

Hasheika Maleah
Proud member of the Order of the Heart of the Sable Storm
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