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Mon Mar 2 10:50:23 PST 1998

     HE Sigen,
        I am still in shock that I was honored in such a way.  Again Thank 
     you very much I will continue to strive to be worthy of such a honor.  
     I will seee you at the War :)
                                In service Margrave of Gnomon Vale
                                A Cornerstone of Northkeep
                                Lord Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaern ap
                                Llewellyn ap Gruffudd ap Wynn ap 
                                Camden ap Bredd ap Anarawd                      
                                Oldest son of house Winbourne
                                One of the founders of Wyrmschlager
                                Lanze commander of the Fenris Lance
                                Member of the Liondragon Guard
                                Herald to the shire of Mooneschadowe   

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Subject: Re: NR - Greetings 
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Date:    2/28/98 10:00 AM

Greetings good Lord Owen (ap Aeddan),
I couldn't help but notice that you have left off your latest honor from your 
Since you worked so hard to earn it, please feel free to anounce your 
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