NR - Brass hat paranoia

Maleah maleah at
Tue Mar 3 23:30:53 PST 1998

Leslie Miller wrote:
> > > > Estrill said:
> > > > ...brass tends to make my mouth stay even more tightly closed...
> >
> > Me too! I can't explain it, I think I'm in awe, even of those I don't
> > particularly like. I'm worse when it is someone I do like. Feel like I'm
> > supposed to come up with something intelligent to say, or don't waste
> > their time.
> > Britta the Red
> Many years ago when Duchess Rowan came up to chat with me at an
> Interkingdom event, she stopped mid sentence and said, "Stop that!"
> "Huh?" (says I, oblivious as always), "There! Stop that!  What are
> you afraid of?!"   Apparently I had been backing away from her the
> entire conversation, and she was having to "chase" me down.  I think
> she finally grabbed the front of my tunic to hold me in place. :-)
> I guess now I have to be afraid of myself.  Yikes!
> Gunhilda
Gunhilda darling,
	Maybe in your case it's moths in the brain case **grin**
The butterfly brained
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