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C Scot Henry henrycs at
Wed Mar 4 21:08:29 PST 1998

> >I guess I feel that if we took more time to plan courts and organize 
> >presentations we might be able to streamline stuff a bit more.  Also, 
> >I think we miss opportunities to present stuff in morning and 
> >afternoon courts.  I received my AoA in a morning court and don't 
> >feel slighted by that in the least.  These things might not save much 
> >time, but every little bit helps.  

I am still rather new, but I think utilizing morning and afternoon courts
would really help in evening out the length everyone has to sit still for. 
It would also encourage people to attend and help in keeping things running
on time.  And over-planning and organinzing never hurts!!!
Another opinion others have mentioned it that court should be heard no
matter where you are inb the hall.  If you have business and a quiet voice,
ask the herald (or someone) to reiterate what you have said or at least
give a brief explanation.  This would not only focus attention, but help us
newbies begin to understand the more intricate details of this dream.  I
know it might detract from the periodness, but my lord and I think a small
sound system really wouldn't hurt especially in large halls.  If you could
suspend things from the ceiling or put the mikes behind a curtain, it
wouldn't detract from the ambiance much and would improve the ability to
hear.  of course, loud heralds who enunciate work great too!!!
>      Another thing that would help the atmosphere of court would be to 
> have musicians play more during court; ie, the herald calls someone up & 
> while waiting for her/him to approach, the musicians do some music. The 
> musicians should be able to stop & start playing with a minimum of fuss 
> (which means they need to practice this style of playing before court 
> starts). While listening to music would tend to keep some people 
> quieter, I also think it might cause a few people to speak louder to be 
> heard above the music. So it may not be a perfect, but I'd like to hear 
> more music.

I love this idea!!!  I'm sure the musicians would love it too.  Especially
since it seems their main forum for getting to play is during balls  (and
I've seen all too often that most of the populous does not attend these)
and I 'm sure they'd enjoy playing some other songs.  More period too. 
Could we get some good trumpeters?

> >Here's another idea.  How about if feast was less a "social" time and 
> >more a time for everyone to get together and enjoy special 
> >presentations and/or special performances (bardic, dance, other).  
> >Personally, I miss getting to see the best our performing artists 
> >have to offer.  Just a  thought....
>      (Performing artists have a much more difficult time of displaying 
> their craft than static artists do. It's so much easier to leave item x 
> on the table, and have people drift by during certain times and look at 
> it & judge it with beans or whatever, than it is to have, say, a dance 
> troupe perform, or jugglers, or a singer do their thing(s), then have 
> them judged with beans or whatever (or not-as a display only). People 
> have to actively seek out the performing artists [which often as not is 
> limited to bardic stuff]; while it's "Oh, I'll go look at the static 
> arts when I pass the tables on my way to go....") 
If feasts started earlier, having scheduled breaks between removes would be
lovely and period. Again, this is only good if everyone can hear  - and if
it's scheduled more people would want to listen.  I do agree though that I
enjoy conversing while eating.  BTW - I really enjoyed sitting with
Moonshadowe at NRT!  It was the first time that I actually got to persona
play at a feast.  I mean, I actually know at least 2 people's personas even
though I don't think I know their names. ;-)  And doing your own singing  -
COOL! I think that has really encouraged me to pursue my own persona more
than anyone telling me I should!!

Just my humble opinions.

Forever and always,
Lady Capricia d'Aulnay
mka Michelle Henry

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