NR - need book reviews : )

Katriana katriana at
Tue Mar 10 17:38:02 PST 1998

If anyone out there would like to offer book reviews (and opinions on what
Tomes & Tunes should carry), please email me privately.  Right now, I could
use opinions on books on Manuscript Illumination, Metalworking, and Pottery.
Usually we interlibrary-loan in books, but Coronation is fast approaching,
and some of these my only opinion would be "nice pictures".  I figure to
just sent out titles, authors and any other info, if people have the books
and have an opinion, they could send it to me, and that would help us decide
whether to try to shoehorn the books into our stock.

  Katriana op den Dijk
  Shire of Bois d'Arc
  Kingdom of Calontir

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