NR - too much quiet

Karen Evans tyrca at
Sat Mar 14 19:22:02 PST 1998

Well, you know what they say . . .while the cat\'s away the mice will
play.  I think that is what we should do.  And I have something
specific in mind.  All you coming back from Mississippi and finding
this in your mail box, think about this.

I read a little bit of discussion on Principality for the North, and
then it disappeared before I got a chance to throw in my opinion.  I
am always for growth, and I think that the Northern Region is getting
close to the point of being ready to take that step.  But I feel like
this movement has been going on under wraps so to speak, and I don\'t
see any reason for that.  If this is going to happen, it needs to
happen out in the open with everyone working toward the same goal, not
behind closed doors to be let out a whole completed surprise.

If we decided to be a Principality, there are some things we need to
decide.  What would we call it?  What kind of arms would we submit? 
What would we call our Principality Newsletter?  How would we run
distribution of the newsletter?  Who would be making those decisions,
and how much input does anyone else have?

There, I said it.  What do all of you think?

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