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Ldyannais Ldyannais at
Sun Mar 15 13:05:53 PST 1998

Tyrca said:

> I read a little bit of discussion on Principality for the North, and
>  then it disappeared before I got a chance to throw in my opinion.  I
>  am always for growth, and I think that the Northern Region is getting
>  close to the point of being ready to take that step. 

I also feel that this is a strong possibility.
But there is still a great bit of work to be done before this can/will happen.
And right now I see a lot of prople waffling on the edge, talking about being
a Principality, yet, not quite willing to take that final step and make the

> But I feel like
>  this movement has been going on under wraps so to speak, and I don\'t
>  see any reason for that.  If this is going to happen, it needs to
>  happen out in the open with everyone working toward the same goal, not
>  behind closed doors to be let out a whole completed surprise.

Again,. I also, have seen the same thing.  I am not pleased with this fact.

If a principality si going to happen, anywhere, it must be done out in the
open for all people to state their thoughts and ideas and concerns on the
matter.  If a principality  is trying to be formed "behind closed doors", it
will and must fail.  And this is simply just because of basic human nature.
Those who feel left out of the loop will become dissedent and unhappy and
quite possibly try to spread their malcontent to others.
If a principality is formed out front, and up front, then everyone will at
least have their say on the matter.  Whether it be pro/con/ indifferent or
whatever else they widh to say...It needs to be brought out and dicussed in a
public forum. 

>  If we decided to be a Principality, there are some things we need to
>  decide.  What would we call it?  What kind of arms would we submit? 
>  What would we call our Principality Newsletter?  How would we run
>  distribution of the newsletter?  Who would be making those decisions,
>  and how much input does anyone else have?

As for this, I am willing to hear ideas from others.  I have some ideas
myself, but I will let others speak now, and hold my replies for later.

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