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Mon Mar 16 20:11:50 PST 1998

Mick said.....

<< The north has had a name NORDSTEORRA and an identity for quite a while.
 As for developing arms, Why? when aren't certain we want to do this.
 Decisions, newslatters etc. we are getting way ahead of ourselves. So
 far this is simply What if?
 Lord Mykaru Kurodachi >>


That is the name for the Northern Ansteorra Herald.. and I for one do not wish
to have a principality that is named for an Office.

We in the North have an Identity.. but not an Official name.

Maybe it's time we came up w/  something better than using a name of an
Office... surely, we can be more creative than that....

>>>We haven't been forming a complete plan to spring on people suddenly. A
few friends have been discussing the POSSIBLILTY of a principality. I
too feel that the north is ready, but this has to be something that the
majority wants and we aren't really pushing for it yet.<<<

"We" ?!?!?  Who is "we"?  If there are people in the North who think that a
principality is a possibility, then It should be discussed in a public forum..
where all can attend...Not stuck in someone's living room where only a few are
privy to the thoughts and ideas and policy makings of others, who think that
they can make a principality by bypassing the rules and laws of the Kingdom
and Society.

So, what I suggest is that ALL prople of the North get together to discuss
this possibility. And see where THE NORTH needs to go from here.


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