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Michael Peters shdwstel at
Tue Mar 17 09:11:00 PST 1998

> >>>We haven't been forming a complete plan to spring on people suddenly. A
> few friends have been discussing the POSSIBLILTY of a principality. I
> too feel that the north is ready, but this has to be something that the
> majority wants and we aren't really pushing for it yet.<<<
> "We" ?!?!?  Who is "we"?  If there are people in the North who think that a
> principality is a possibility, then It should be discussed in a public forum..
> where all can attend...Not stuck in someone's living room where only a few are
> privy to the thoughts and ideas and policy makings of others, who think that
> they can make a principality by bypassing the rules and laws of the Kingdom
> and Society.
> So, what I suggest is that ALL prople of the North get together to discuss
> this possibility. And see where THE NORTH needs to go from here.
> Annais
  Gee, I thought this WAS a public forum. Wow I've been promoted, now
I'm a star-chamber POLICY MAKER. People create new groups all the time
bypassing rules and laws of the Society, problem is THEY AREN'T SOCIETY
ANYMORE. If I want to TALK to my friends about anything in private it is
none of your business. If I talk about something on the list it IS
public discussion and your input is welcome.

Lord Mykaru Kurodachi
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