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John Ruble jruble at
Tue Mar 17 13:29:34 PST 1998

Gunhilda said:
	(Tyrca said:)
> > I know that Ulf is
> > pro-Principality, and I like the idea.  What about others?  
> I'm all for it, but only given the assumption that we are not 
> forming a northern principality in order to eventually split from 
> Ansteorra.  I don't want to split from Ansteorra, and I would not 
> support such a split. 
While I didn't state it explicitly in my previous message, I am pro, but
only under the conditions you have stated.  I am an Ansteorran.  I have
put too much blood, sweat, and tears into this kingdom to split off from
it.  But I have come to recognize a fierce allegiance to the North
within me.  I have a strong Regional awareness, and could see this
develop into a "Principality" awareness, though not at the cost of my
"Kingdom" awareness.  Maybe in time my attitude will change again, but
that's how it stands now.

> My personal feelings are that we are reaching a point where we need 
> to stop dancing around the issue and confront it.  Is there enough 
> support to do this?  Is the opposition against it strong enough that 
> it would be damaging for the region to pursue it?  I can't 
I know for a fact that a few of the long-time movers and shakers up here
are opposed about 101% to the formation of a principality, and shudder
to hear the word "Nordsteorra".  Their opinions are valid, and should be

Such an open discussion as has been mentioned will end up in hot flames
in short order, unless a lot of attention to something like
parliamentary procedure or something similar is observed.  In other
words, it will take careful pre-planning on the part of the mediator.

Probably by default that mediator ought to be the Northern Regional

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