NR - too much quiet

Ldyannais Ldyannais at
Wed Mar 18 20:29:22 PST 1998

Mic Said...

> Gee, I thought this WAS a public forum. Wow I've been promoted, now
>  I'm a star-chamber POLICY MAKER. People create new groups all the time
>  bypassing rules and laws of the Society, problem is THEY AREN'T SOCIETY
>  ANYMORE. If I want to TALK to my friends about anything in private it is
>  none of your business. If I talk about something on the list it IS
>  public discussion and your input is welcome.

Ok you are right... this is a public forum.. and I expressed my opinions as I
wanted to.  And you stated yours as you wished to.  We're even.

I by no means implied any of the rest.  

Yes, yoy have the right and privledge to discuss things, inncl. P~, w/ your
But you made it sound to me as if your party line was THE PARTY LINE. And I
have big problem w/ that.  So I spewed forth most heinouisly. 

If I have hurt your feelings.  I do apologise most sincerely, for that was not
my intention.  I was debating the points of  P~.

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