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Maleah Farasha Raushana bint Abdullah maleah at
Wed Mar 18 23:37:21 PST 1998

Greetings all,
	Ok, here goes, my two cents worth. I am pro Principality and pro
Ansteorra, no seperate kingdom. I agree with Mykaru in that I don't
think we have the population base in Okla or the economic base to
support a seperate Kingdom.
	I agree with Ulf, I like Nordsteorra as a name because of the tie to
Ansteorra. I would not be opposed to discussing other options but I
would fight hard to keep that tie. Maybe another language root?
	Principality arms, NOOOOOOO RED!!!!!!! As a seamstress and ceramacist I
have had bad results with red. In costuming red fabric fades quickly and
very soon looks old and cheap. Think of all the banners and etc that
will be hanging and so very soon need to be replaced due to fading. As
for ceramics, red is a SCREAMING BITCH to work with. It never turns out
the same way twice and may not turn out at all and nothing works to
guarantee outcome. So I reiterate, NOOOOOOOOOO RED, except maybe in
small patches such as the sun on the Ansteorran banner (and I'd still
prefer another color). Blue sounds great to me.
	I see this region heading in this direction slowly but surely anyway.
Northern Regional has helped firm up our regional identity. Where even 2
years ago people were running screaming at the thought it is now being
discussed calmly on a regular basis by people all over the region. Ok,
let's do it, let's start the polling and formal discussions.
When we know how the majority stands then we'll know where to go from
	I will be at NR Warlord and participate in the roundtable cheerfully.
Not everyone will be pro, very rarely does a unanimous opinion exist on
any issue but we are all adults and learned our manners. How boring life
would be if we all thought alike.
	I think the pros outweigh the large amount of extra work that will be
involved because as so many people have mentioned, deserving people who
have long been overlooked will receive the acclaim they are due.
	Remember Annais if you give them bricks some people will not be able to
resist the urge to throw them at you (or me or their neighbor or.....).
No bricks, how about something with wings???????? (Why do I se visions
of butterflies???)

In service to Namron and Ansteorra
Hahseika Maleah Farashsa Raushana bint Abdullah
(and I dare you to say that 10 times fast)
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