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Fri Mar 20 06:51:01 PST 1998

Gio said:

>Hmmm...differences.  The North tends to play well together. 

A wonderful analysis of some differences (as seen by Gio) between the 
northern and south/central regions. Thanks very much Gio.

(snipped rest of differences)

     One wonders if this is a "chicken or egg first" theme. Does the 
North play well together because 1) we feel isolated from the groups 
south of the Red River, and therefore turned to our other local groups 
to play with each other, thus reinforcing our ties to each other OR 2) 
did we play first with our other local groups (reinforcing our local 
ties), and thus came to isolate ourselves from the south? 

     [It may also depend on where a person is on the optimistic/ 
pessimistic and extrovert/introvert scales.]

     And then there's also this fact that the "north" is modernly a 
separate state than the rest of the kingdom, that whole Oklahoma and 
Baja-Oklahoma thingee. When one talks about leaving the region to drive 
elsewhere, the mundane authorities have these big signs up telling us 
when we leave/return to "the North". It just reinforces the differences 
we feel. All those other regions in Baja-O can be viewed as just 
artificial groupings, since they're all in one state. It might be 
different if there were more real world states in the kingdom; except 
for Caid & Trimaris, doesn't Ansteorra have the next fewest states?  

>There is a very fresh feel to the North.  And, I'm not sure I can 
>explain that much better.

     Ah, that just fresh's what....Zest?

     Estrill - rambling at the controls ....

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