NR - Differences between North & South

Kerry & Tonda Pratt kpratt at
Fri Mar 20 14:39:30 PST 1998

>into a "north/south" dichotomy that corresponds to OK & TX (yeah, my
>brain knows Brad Leah is in the north, but my heart doesn't believe it).

Ouch, that hurts.  In the five years that we have been playing our Shire has
made an effort to be a part of the Northern region.  In fact, we have much
stronger ties with Falcon's Ridge and Eldern Hills than we do with Steppes
and Elfsea.  Economics and time play a large part in what people can and
can't do and where people can and can't go.  The fact that I have to pay 15
dollars in toll, as well as gas, to go anywhere in OK combined with the fact
that every site north of Oklahoma City takes me at least 5 hours of travel
time limits my travel up north.  Of course your statement is better than the
ones I heard about four years ago.  "Brad Leah belongs to the North ???" or
"Who is Brad Leah ??? "

Cameron de Blakstan
MKA Kerry Pratt
Shire of Brad Leah

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