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Fri Mar 27 14:52:35 PST 1998

     Well the Northern Regional e-mail list is just a few days over one 
month old. Hooray!

     We've got 46 subscribers, but I think less than half of us have 
made any posts. I know that there are members on the list from 
Mooneschadowe (at least 8), Northkeep (at least 7), Namron (at least 5), 
Wiesenfeuer (at least 3), and one each from Gnomon Vale and Brad Leah. 
There's at least 4 from out-of-region. I don't remember anyone from 
Eldern Hills, Wastelands, or the Tishomingo group posting and I don't 
recognize anyone's address as being from there. I'd really like to see 
at least one person from each of the northern groups on this list. 
Anyone want to admit to being from one of these groups? Anyone want to 
admit to being from *any* group? (Requests to stay anonymous from the 
group will be honored, but I as a coadministrator will know.)

     dssweet at

     "Salterelli! Salterelli! We can do the salterelli"....
     "and we'll do a lovely dance full-of salterelli!"
     ( to just fill in the middle part of the song....)     

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