NR - Regional Offices Opening....

Lori Campbell LCAMPBEL at
Mon Mar 30 21:53:33 PST 1998

Well, since it's been said that regional offices changing hands isn't 
publicized enough, I thought I'd drop everyone a line and say:

Due to unforseen, but not necessarily negative, circumstances (at 
least from my perspective...) the positions of Northern Regional 
Chronicler and Herald will be coming open in the very near future.  
Please direct all letters of application to the appropriate kingdom 
officers with courtesy copies to the regional officers.  

For N.R. Chronicler:  send copies to Lori Campbell
For N.R. Herald:  send copies to Barclay Campbell
both at   1613 Post Oak Lane,  Moore, OK  73160

Please pass these openings along to your local groups.  Thanks!

- Kat M.  >"<

Lori Campbell
lcampbel at

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