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Ldyannais Ldyannais at
Tue Mar 31 21:00:20 PST 1998

In a message dated 3/31/98 9:01:15 AM Central Standard Time, tyrca at

> But seriously.  I do think it should be something that
>  Identifies the north as
>  well as defines it... 
>  I thiink a Brick wall would be a good place to start...
>  Annais
>  >>>>>>>>>>
>  Ahh... you are just saying that because your arms have bricks.  Now
>  the blue idea has merit!
>  Tyrca

Only when I hold him..... :)  (for those of you in the dark, my child is named
Brixton, Brik for short.)

Blue?  Nyah... too much overkill already... Green? Black? 

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