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Subject: Tent Help
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 1999 01:50:23 -0600
From: Jerry Mapes <jrmapes at>
To: Historical Recreation in the Kingdom of Calontir


Myself and a friend have just acquired a Military Gp-Small 16' Hexagonal
tent. It is of course good old Mil-Green. Was wondering if anyone
had any good ideas how to Change the color on a whole to White or off
White without ruining the natural waterproofing of the canvas.
will be added later to the walls with a latex mix. Have considered
just using Latex to cover all but even a basically white tent that cant
breath becomes an oven in summer. Have read thru the Rialto archives
but most all conversion references were based on tents that started out
being light colored and made out of much lighter weight material.  
Any help would be appreciated.

Seigneur Tristan Alfans de La Rochenoire
du Comt'e de Bois d'Arc du Royaume de Calontir
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