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Russell russmax at
Wed Feb 3 12:07:40 PST 1999


Use sunforger canvas. Make it intentionally pointed in the center,
rather than making a flat sheet of canvas and pushing it up in the
center. What I mean is make 4 triangles and sew them together, not one
big flat sheet. Make sure a seam forms the line between all poles. If
the roof forms a high point, it will be much cooler in the summer.

Make it tall enough you don't have to duck (much) to get under the edge.
Make some provision for walls, even if you don't make them at first.
Even if you have just one wall that you can move from one side to
another, it will make the pavillion much more useful as the shadows grow long.

Check out the House Merlion pavillion, next time my lady and I bring it
to an event. It's grey and rose colored, green poles & walls, gold
fineals, with pigeon-looking little hawks painted on the dags.

My lady and the rest of House Merlion made it, and it's nigh unto
indestructible. You'll need a very heavy duty sewing machine.


"Nathan W. Jones" wrote:
> Greetings Friends!
> I am in the market to buy or make a pavillion.
> What are your recommendations?  Constructive
> Ideas?  Things to avoid?
> I plan to use it to host a salon at Castellan
> in May.  Everyone is welcome.
> Gio,
> Northkeep,
> Ansteorra
> p.s.  And I've checked the Florigium files already.
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