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Wed Feb 3 12:17:29 PST 1999

For those of you interested in European dancing, Middle Eastern Dancing, and
music, I bring to your attention this event: Known World Dance Symposium '99.
This is only the second event of this nature; the first one two years ago was a
blast! I encourage those of you interested to consider traveling the reasonably
short distance to this event (the mileage is almost the same from Mooneschadowe
to Bryn Gwlad as it is from Mooneschadowe to Shattered Crystal).  This is your
chance to learn dances from a number of Dance Laurels from around the Known
World without going all the way to Pennsic.


Known World Dance Symposium 
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Noon, Friday, May 21, 1999 through Noon, Sunday, May 23, 1999
Lewis and Clark Community College
5800 Godfrey Rd. (U.S. 67), Godfrey, Ill. 62035
Barony of Shattered Crystal, Midrealm

The Barony of Shattered Crystal invites you all to the Second Known World Dance
Symposium. The Symposium be three
days of classes covering European court dance, Middle Eastern dance, and other
traditional dance forms, dance music and
musical concerns, and dance research and theory.

    Middle Eastern dance classes will be coordinated by Mistress Edwina Dirks
Sterne .
    All other classes will be coordinated by Master Sion Andreas o Wynedd .
    Site Steward:    Master Bubba Godgodsson

The site fee will be $8.00 for the weekend until May 7, 1999, $10.00 after that.
 Symposium proceedings will be included
in the site fee. There is no feast, but food will be available on site and at
nearby restaurants. Make checks payable to the
SCA: Barony of Shattered Crystal and mail to the Site Steward.  This is a dry

The web pages have a little bit more info:

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