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Ragnorio edmoore at
Wed Feb 3 20:49:45 PST 1999

> I am in the market to buy or make a pavillion.
> What are your recommendations?  Constructive
> Ideas?  Things to avoid?
> I plan to use it to host a salon at Castellan
> in May.  Everyone is welcome.
> Gio,
> Northkeep

	The cheapest solution is to convert a military surplus frostliner. They 
are a light duty white canvas which already have grommets set for the 
tent spikes to go through around the perimiter of the roof but you will 
have to rig some kind of attachment for the center poles. Ranger Roger 
at Will Rogers boyscout camp has had several of them for reasonable 
prices. The GP small liner is six sided and roughly 16' diameter.  Mama 
Gwens trim operates under one and I converted one to an enclosed 
pavillion with fabric from a gp medium liner. If a gp small isn't big 
enough a gp medium liner is 16'x32'.  You can't begin to buy the fabric 
for what it costs to buy the frostliner. The drawbacks are that they are 
designed as a frostliner and while sturdier fabric than a lot of nylon 
tents they are not designed for extreme high wind and not waterproof.
I spent more on waterproofing than I spent on the frostliners and I 
don't know how waterproof it is as in the time I have had it set up it 
hasn't rained that much. Also remember even though it is light duty 
canvas it will still eat most modern home sewing machines. I have a 
heavy duty older sewing machine and it has never recovered from making 
walls to enclose a gp small.

	I've been relatively happy with my frostliner conversion but plan to 
replace it with a commercially made sunforger canvas pavillion which 
will hopefully be easier to merchant out of.  If you want to see how a 
frostliner works email me and you can come over to the house and help 
set it up. I will probably be at Wolfstar and Northern Regional but 
probably won't set up the frostliner unless its cold enough to need an 
enclosed tent. At Gulf Wars last year when it was 30 some degrees a 
coleman lantern was enough to take the chill off when the doors were 

	Keep in mind whatever you end up with that you have to get yourself and 
your tent to events and the bigger the tent the more cargo room it takes 
for the fabric,poles,stakes,guylines etc.

Maybe you should consider renting a tent instead of buying or making one 
until you decide what you want. The boy scout camp has several GP 
mediums and for a suitable donation they might let you use one them for 
the weekend since it wouldn't be leaving the site. It might be possible 
to get them to put it up and take it down for you as well.

Good luck in your search for the perfect tent
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