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Jerry Mapes jrmapes at
Wed Feb 3 22:31:24 PST 1999

Bonjour Barrone Neassa

Thank you for the information and yes i would be very grateful for the
type of paint and the process the Duc and Duchesse used. Unfortunately i
don't think i will be able to attend Gulf War, at least as of yet it
doesn't look promising due to previous commitments to my Shire in

Merci encore

Kim Tucker wrote:
> Greetings unto Seigneur Tristan from Baroness Neassa of Stargate,
> You said:
> > Myself and a friend have just acquired a Military Gp-Small 16' Hexagonal
> > tent. It is of course good old Mil-Green. Was wondering if anyone
> > had any good ideas how to Change the color on a whole to White or off
> > White without ruining the natural waterproofing of the canvas.
> We frequently use Duke Hector and Duchess Rowan's GP Medium tent, which
> has been painted all over to look like a castle. I know they started out
> with a liner that was off-white, but it seemed to take the paint fine.
> More waterproofing was added after the paint.
> I don't remember what it was like before the paint, but it doesn't seem
> to be too hot to use now. The main problems we have experienced were
> that the tent canvas is now a _lot_ heavier, and it can't be folded down
> as small so it takes up considerably more room to pack and store.
> I can get you the information on what kind of paint they used and any
> other details about the painting process if you would like.
> We will have this tent set up at Gulf War at the top of Hastings Field.
> Please come by and take a look at it.
> Regards,
> Neassa
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