ANST-Announce - Kingdom Arts and Sciences - Incipient Canton of Westgate

Sandra White swhite at
Mon Nov 8 15:21:48 PST 1999

Greetings from the event steward of Kingdom A&S!

I would like to extend thanks to everybody who helped in any way with
this event: 

The members of Westgate, Stargate and Gates Edge
The Planning Committee
The Designer of the site tokens (special word fame to Mistress Hillary
Greenslade) and all those who helped make them
The Feast Steward (Herr Manfred - who defended the gelled fish in order
to keep the period menu intact) and his crew of helpers
The Set-up Coordinator and all around delagatee (Lady Maureen) and
everyone who helped set-up
The Church Liaison (HL Perronnelle)
HL Perronnelle, Baron Michael and Baroness Neassa who answered many
The Decorations Coordinator (Mistress Caitlyn) and her crew 
The Gate Guard Coordinator (HL Annes) and everybody who helped
The Kingdom Minister of A&S (Mistress Anastassia) and her crew for
coordinating the judges, scoring and scrolls
The Scroll Designer (Lady Beatrice - who also coordinated the luncheon)
and those who made them
The Heralds to whom I handed announcements all day
The Gentles who helped rearrange the hall before feast
Everybody who stayed and helped take down and clean the site
The keep the steward calm crew (headed by Camara who managed to stop me
in mid-rant... Very Impressive)

All attendees and displayers for being patient with us during the day
and for cooperating in everything we requested

Anybody whose task I forgot to mention
Everybody who loaned us materials and donated their time

Kinko's for trimming the site tokens
Albertson's for donations received for feast!

I do have one comment to make (a learning experience). When a site has a
specific _published_ rule that you feel you are exempt from because of a
technicality, please contact the event steward and discuss it ahead of
time rather than proceeding. In addition to being considerate,
contacting your event steward about unusual circumstances allows special
dispensation and arrangements to be made which would satisfy all

Congratulations to all those who received awards and to those who will
be representing our Kingdom at Gulf Wars!

Good Luck!


In Service to the Dream,

Lady Ceara inghean ui Fhlannchaidh

P.S. Preemptive apologies for any misspellings or title mistakes...

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